Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meltdowns - Mom Edition

Yesterday was a rough one. Probably one of the roughest days I've had in a while. Hubby was off and I intended to give him some "me" time, so WEB and I were going to go run some errands in the afternoon.

It started when we were on our way back towards home and were going to grab a bite to eat. I called Hubby's cell and left a message. Weird. I know he's home and probably playing XBOX in his underwear...maybe he's in the shower? I waited another 10 minutes - because he's a guy...they take 5 minute showers - and called again. No answer. I text. No answer. Fine, WEB and I will go to Del Taco by ourselves. I was a little annoyed that Hubby wasn't answering, but this was his "me" time so maybe he just wanted to be left alone.

WEB and I get to Del Taco and I plop him in the high chair. He starts out with some snacks, which goes ok. Then I try to feed him with a spoon and out comes one of the employees to sweep the floor. Apparently that is the most fascinating thing WEB has ever seen because he basically turned all the way around in the high chair watching him. And just FYI - they have the worst high chairs ever! Way too much open space and not very stable. When the employee came back with the mop, I was super annoyed because WEB wasn't paying attention to me at all and was just getting mad at me when I had to readjust him in the stupid high chair before he fell out. He's swatting at me and of course one of those swats lands on the spoon and his food goes everywhere. Now he's mad at me for wiping his hands and face off.

Amidst this chaos, Hubby calls and says he just got my messages and that his phone was sitting right next to him the whole time. Turns out his ringer got turned off somehow... Funny how this always happens when I'm trying to call him, but whatever...I digress...

Lunch time is over. Time to get back into the car seat. Well, a flustered me is trying to get a cranky baby into the car seat. Of course I end up pinching his finger in the stupid buckle. He starts screaming. Not just a regular scream, but the kind where he takes a deep breath and turns purple in between LOUD outbursts. Lovely...we are now making a scene in Del Taco.

We get in the car and are on our way home. WEB is fine and content in the back seat now with his woobie and binky. I'm taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down so I don't scream when we get home. We pick up Hubby and head to Target. What better place to go when you're pissed, than Target!? It's right up there with Disneyland as far as Happiest Places on Earth go.

When we get home, everyone is fine and dandy. Then dinner time rolls around. Again, it's a fight to get WEB to eat. Hubby is making dinner and I'm trying to feed a screaming child. I, of course, drop one of the glass baby food jars. Glass and baby food are now everywhere, and Hubby and I are bare foot. Screaming child continues as I clean up the glass that is all over my path back to him to feed him. I finally clean up the glass and get him fed. He's still just a pill. He's tired. Too tired to take his bath. Hubby changes him into pjs and tries to feed him his nighttime bottle. It's a no go. Now, a frustrated Hubby puts WEB to bed.

Now it's time to clean up the kitchen. We have outgrown all of our cabinet space and pantry space. There is no way to put anything away without everything falling out. I am unloading the dishwasher, putting the tupperware away, when half of it comes crashing down in the process. I'm so beyond frustrated at this point that I just throw it all on the floor like a child and walk away. I'm sure the look on Hubby's face was shocked and a hint of a smirk. After taking a moment, I come back, finish the dishes and pick up the mess I made. Hubby helps me finish the dishes and reorganizes the pantry.

I hate these days. I have a lot of patience (thanks Dad) and yet somehow run out of them on days like these. This isn't the first, and I know it is not even close to being the last. But thankfully, as Hubby pointed out, they are pretty few and far between. And it's days like these that I am so thankful for my Hubby. If I didn't have him to tell me that it's ok and that I'm not totally incompetent, I would lose it and not get it back. Most importantly, he makes me laugh at myself and how ridiculous my behavior was. Thankfully, this morning we all woke up renewed and ready for a better day. It's a clean slate...I just hope WEB feels the same way...

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  1. Goodness..hope you caught your breath! I have days like that without a child. Tupperware flying from out of the cabinets, jacket getting stuck in the door..fighting with hubby about organization!

    Props to you for going through it like a pro! You're an inspiration to us all.


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