Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry's a cinnamon roll....

Ahhhhh.....the moment we've been waiting all month for.  The excitement, the joy, the spark that lights up their little faces as they come down the stairs.....and couldn't care less.

What was I expecting little H to do?  I took every step to make sure this morning was FABULOUS and perfect.  I even wrapped presents in special "Santa" paper, had Sonny do all the "from Santa" notes while I did the "from mommy and daddy" notes (different handwriting and all) and hid them in the closet.  Yes, Sonny called me crazy, as he does at least 22 times a day....but I wanted it to be special. 

So we both go wake him up shouting "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"   I'm pretty sure we scared the bejesus out of him.  I run downstairs, turn on the tree lights, turn on the christmas music.  The ambiance is set, the cinnamon rolls are baking, the coffee is brewing, everything's perfect!  Sonny comes and brings Hunter down the stairs.....and he runs the other way from the tree to play with his trusted blocks and books.  The ones he's had for the past 6 months or so.  What the....LOOK!! Look over HERE Hunter!! WOW!!!  Tents and tunnels!! (no reaction)  Oh look!  Fake food for your new Elmo's kitchen!!!  HEY HEY!!! Look at your new snake toy, Chewbacca button, Super Hero Squad car. (nothing)  Desk? (zip) Easel? (zero) Pajamas? (nothing) Uh....want a cinnamon roll??  (screams of joy....the kid likes to eat....)

(sigh)  I don't know what I was expecting really.  He's only 18 months, I just wanted that...moment.....those bursts of laughter and awe at new presents and toys and games!!  The feeling I still get when I open something.  Not that I'm disappointed with our Christmas was WONDERFUL!!  I just though he might've surprised me and acted accordingly in the spirit of things.  I mean....I set the mood perfectly gosh darned it.  Act excited!!

I'll keep setting the scene and wait for the day when he comes streaking down the stairs to see what santa brought for good little child.  I just can't wait for next year, now, when he may get it a little bit more.  Hopefully.

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  1. Lani, you're so funny! We can't wait for next year...but I guess we'll need to set our expectations a little lower so we don't end up with triplet the bummer...haha. Now cinnamon rolls sound good! Love these preggo cravings...whenever I hear something...gotta have it. I'll have to order one for breakfast this week. Hope the hospital has decent ones. Wish me luck! ~ Jessica


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