Monday, December 28, 2009

Push it on the ground

What a holly jolly Christmas! My little WEB-man made out like a bandit, as did the rest of us, surprisingly. :) I have had a chance to put most of the new toys - mom's, dad's, and WEB's - away in their new homes and kind of clean up the holiday aftermath. It will be a work in progress over the course of this week, I'm sure.

Well, WEB got all kinds of new toys from Mom, Dad, and Santa, and they all seem to serve the same purpose right now... flip them upside down or on their side and push them around the floor. Yep... that new light up drum your Auntie got you, flip it upside down and push it around... Pretty much the most awkward, not made to be pushed or rolled toy he can find, is flipped on its side or upside down and gets pushed across the floor. Then there's the stuff that gets pushed around the floor that isn't a toy like the empty milk jug, empty box by the trash can, mom's sunglasses...etc.

Today there was a push-it-on-the-ground casualty (I say it like the SNL skit "I threw it on the ground!" ha ha. cracks me up!). I was cleaning up after my little gremlin's lunch at the sink, while WEB managed to pry his new magnetic Fridge Phonics off the fridge and is pushing it around the kitchen floor. That thing has some major heft to it, along with a serious magnetic pull...I can't believe how strong he is sometimes. So I think nothing of it. This is his new trick. Then here comes the base of the toy up the side of the cabinet, right next to my leg, while I'm at the sink.

I'm busy trying to get the kitchen cleaned up so I can go play with WEB in the living room, when WACK! The stupid base comes crashing down on my 4th toe. The one to the right of my pinky toe... It hit right where the nail meets the skin... that uber tender part that makes you wince when the manicurist gets near it... AHHHHHHH!!! I'm yelling to get out of the kitchen, get this toy away from me! like WEB has a clue of what I'm saying... I pick up the toy and slap it to the top of the fridge, way far out of WEB's reach.

Mind you, this happens not too long after I cut my finger while trying to slice off some beef from our neverending Christmas Eve roast leftovers to make myself a sandwich for lunch. I did get to use one of the Spiderman band-aids that he got in his stocking... Boy, am I stylin'!

Hubby called shortly after the toe incident and asked how things were going. "I'm bleeding." I told him I'm not going to shave my legs today given my sharp object track record for the day. he he... lucky him!

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  1. You shoulda threw it on the ground...haha. Hope your injuries feel better soon. They say things come in 3s...hoping that you get to skip the third one. :) BTW, I thought for sure your blog was gonna be about food getting thrown on the ground by windshield wiper arms. Lol! ~ Jess


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