Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Yesterday afternoon, I was at my mom's house playing with her new puppies and hanging out with my sister and WEB. I checked online to see if my package had arrived at my house yet. Yes! It did! It said it was left on my porch, which usually means my balcony. I was gone all day and arrived home around 5pm only to discover that there was no package on our front doorstep or on our balcony. I had absolutely no time to deal with this issue as I had to change both WEB and I's clothes, put on some makeup, grab some dinner for WEB, and dart out the door to a Christmas gathering with my girlfriends and their kiddies. I texted Hubby to knock on our neighbor's door when he got home to see if she had it. I thought, "Well, she's nice enough. Maybe she saw it sitting on our door step and got worried so she took it inside her house and was just waiting for us to get home to hand it over".

Hubby calls while he's on his way home from work and I'm off to my friend's house..saying some not so Christmasy things about our package being potentially stolen. He said he'd take care of it. Ah, thank you Hubby!

So I enjoy my evening of friends, giggles, wine, cupcakes, kids whining, and crazy gift exchanges. WEB passes out on our way home, so I call Hubby to let him know I'll need some help carrying stuff inside. He tells me how he got home and knocked on our immediate neighbors' doors to see if they maybe got the package. Nope. Then he went to the rest of our neighbors in the building. Nope. Then he went to the buildings nearby ours. Nope. No sign of our package that pretty much has a gift or two for everyone on our list. 75% of our gifts are in this box.

Hubby proceeds to get on the phone with UPS. They basically tell him to take a hike. As far as they're concerned, it was delivered to our house and that's the end of their responsibility. Merry Christmas to you too! He then gets on the phone with Everytime he'd get to a person, give him the order number, and they told him to please hold while they get the info, he would get disconnected. 10 times later, he was more than a little annoyed and lost his temper. And now one of our home phones looks like that...

Finally! He gets on the phone with a woman in India from She sympathizes and does not magically disconnect his call. She said that she's had a similar thing happen to her and gets authorization to replace EVERYTHING in this package! There are 12 items in this box! 7 books, 3 DVDs, and 2 CDs! There's about $300 worth of merchandise in this box that they're going to replace for free! Merry Christmas indeed!

That brings us to this morning... Hubby leaves for work, still retcha-frena-mena-ing about the !#$%*&^# that we think stole our package. I was talking about karma coming back to bite the thief in the butt and them getting coal for Christmas...

About 30 minutes ago, there is a knock on our door. It is our neighbor from a nearby building. He hands me our package. He lives in a different building, but is also unit #8 and it was left on his doorstep yesterday. He kept it because he was worried about returning it to our doorstep and it being stolen. I guess he wasn't home when Hubby went knocking on doors, looking for our package.

HURRAY for a Christmas miracle! The box is totally fine and in one piece, tape undisturbed and unopened. Everything is there and accounted for. Amazon already shipped the box, so I'll just have to ship it back to them when we receive it.

I will be baking up a storm today and will be adding probably an extra dozen to my batch to take over to them. Thank you for saving our Christmas! And now I can proceed to wrap up a storm today, as planned! :)

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