Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fave: Online Shopping!

I did 90% of my shopping online this year. I just placed a huge order on yesterday that pretty much took care of the majority of people on my list. Hallelujah! I ordered our Christmas cards online via And I have a few more gifts I will buy online from sellers on Online shopping has granted me some sanity. It's hard to run around with a baby in and out of stores with a cart, diaper bag, and shopping bags in tow. Throw in the torrential down pours we've been having lately, and its a nightmare. Not to mention, WEB can only handle a few stops in one outting, so this is cause for some careful planning.

I do have a few stops to make still, and I have never been this behind on my Christmas shopping. But they will be fairly quick stops and hopefully WEB can hang in there for me. I'm planning to spread them out over the next couple days since Hubby will be working straight through until Christmas Eve. 9 days straight! Ouch!

The best part of online shopping is searching for coupon codes. It's like a treasure hunt! I add everything to my cart and open up a 2nd window to search for some codes to save me some money! Retail Me Not is one of my favorites. They show the success rate of the codes and have several for most of the major stores. We are also following a couple of great savers on Twitter like @dealsplus and @coupondivas. I usually go to at least 2 sites to find codes and punch in quite a few to try. Usually you can at least get free shipping, which can save you a lot of money, especially if you wait too long to order and you're in a time crunch, like me!

Just be sure that you check the dates your items will arrive. I had to look through my Amazon order very carefully because there were a couple items that wouldn't have gotten here on time with standard shipping. Yikes! I guess if worse comes to worse, you can print out a picture of what you got them and put that in a box to wrap up. Throw in some peanuts or something to make the box rattle to keep 'em guessing!

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