Friday, December 18, 2009

FF: Begging, borrowing, and stealing

I just got the best present in the mail on Wednesday.....a box full of a whole new wardrobe!!!!  Heather sent me all these maternity clothes that she doesn't need (now anyway!!!).  It's so wonderful having, pretty much, a whole new set of clothes to choose from.  It's the most economical way to get a new maternity wardrobe!!

I have to encourage all the preggo ladies out there to NOT shun clothes that your friends offer you.  Even if their style isn't necessarily your taste, there are always a few gems in there that will work for you.  And it's so much better than going out and buying a bunch of clothes that you're only going to wear for a limited time anyway.  My clothes from my first pregnancy went from me, to Heather, to my friend Lia, then back to me!  And the clothes that Heather accumulated on her own are now at my house too!  I don't have to buy a thing this time around because her old clothes are like my new ones!  The only downfall is the height difference....she's 5'7 and I'm 5' some of the dresses are a little long and we couldn't exchange jeans and pants.  But still, I'm all about the new wardrobe and there are some cute, cute things in there that I love!  Hopefully she'll get them back!

So remember to seek out your friends and their old maternity clothes.  It's a great way to gain new items, and is so economical for the budget, that you'll be able to pick up a couple things here or there for special occasions or just cuz it's needed (in my case....leggings and tights...going to try those maternity spanx things....).  And trust, you're friends are going to delight in having some extra storage room, so they will be more than happy to let you sort through their preggo closet!

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