Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok...let's try and get somewhat back on track here. I'm in the midst of getting my house picked up and put back together, getting my child readjusted to time change after time change, my kitchen restocked with food, dinners planned and organized, etc etc etc. I went on a dinner-making strike the week we were going to leave for Lani's house because I didn't see the point in spending money on groceries that were going to go bad while we were gone. LOL! Oh, Hubby was none too happy about that. I was already getting anxiety about our plane flights and how my wee little WEB would do at the ripe old age of 7 months, dinner plans were not a high priority.

I cannot tell you how many times these Baby Einstein Activity Keys have saved my life keeping WEB entertained when we are out and about. For some reason, these keys keep him occupied longer than any other toy he owns. It is the best $5 I have spent. I keep this in my diaper bag at all times. It is on my mental checklist that I run through before we walk out the door. I do not leave the house without these darn things. They again, saved our lives on the plane. He got figgety and squirmy on the plane, Hubby gave him these keys and he just looks at them, chews on it, and turns them over in his hands.

Hubby and I gave WEB baby Tylenol about an hour before our flight left both to and from Philly. It didn't seem to make much of a difference, in my opinion. I think, if anything, it helped ease his pain a little bit of his top two teeth breaking through his gums. It didn't seem to make him any sleepier than normal. WEB was pretty good about getting his squirmies out and just when I couldn't take it much longer, he got that zombie-eyed exhausted look in his eyes and off he went to sleepyland. He was out for a good hour and a half or so each time.

I made sure to bring a comfy fluffy blanket with us on the plane. This turned out to be more of a lifesaver to me than to keep WEB warm. I was able to use the blanket to cushion my arm/elbow against the arm rest and window of the plane because after it stayed in the same place for over an hour while the baby sleeps on it, my arm was aching and asleep. This helped soften that blow a smidge.

It was a relief to land on the ground safely without a total meltdown from me, Hubby, or WEB. It was an even bigger relief to get our luggage off of the baggage claim carousel. And the fun began when we saw Lani's happy face marching towards us to pick us up. I thought she might forget us... ;) It doesn't seem like the preggo brain has hit her too much just yet.

I have to say that hanging out with another mom that you get along with is a great motivator. I wasn't too motivated to make WEB his own baby food. After seeing Lani do it and her instructing me on how to do it, it's easy and cheap! Why the heck wouldn't you?! I picked up lots of fresh fruits and veggies yesterday to roast and puree. Hubby claims he knew that Lani would motivate me to get on the ball with this....whatever you say dear. I also realized how much I love scrapbooking, miss doing it, and how dreadfully behind I am... (try 5 years!)

It does suck to live so far away from your BFF. I concur with Lani's previous post. It was so nice to put our babies to bed, let our hubbies go out for the evening, while we hung out on the sofa in our pjs. It's just one of those relationships that it doesn't matter if you burp or fart in front of each other. You can bitch and moan about your significant other and they know that it's out of love. She might even have some ideas of how to approach things better and maybe not be a "gatekeeping" momma. I'm 99% sure our hubbies know what needs to be done, sometimes you just have to leave him alone. It will get done. Maybe not exactly how you would've done it, but feeding a child is feeding a child. As long as the kid's not eating his arm when you return home, it will be ok. We can talk about family life, compare stretch marks and fat rolls, beauty issues, digestive issues, and whatever else comes to mind while sipping on our tea and munching on our Milanos. I guess if you're going to have any kind of long distance relationship, at least its with someone who you can chat with like no time has passed since your last visit. It just reiterates how much we as moms need some girl time to unwind, gossip, eat, and chill.

Thanks for sticking with us while we both took a little much needed break. We'll try to get our lives and our blog back on track! :)

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