Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The least you can do is fix your face....

Oh the joys of pregnancy!  Ugh, yeah right.  Wonderful to those out there who look beautiful the whole time, but for the majority of women who gain the muffin top, the massive thighs creating the "chub-rub", the stretch marks, and just the total loss of self esteem when you go to your closet and have nothing to wear because your boobs, arms, belly and butt won't fit into anything INCLUDING maternity clothes.....I have a small, yet very effective solution.  Your face.

I am a fixator.  I fixate and obsess and won't stop talking, thinking, or complaining about it until the problem is solved.  And lately it's been my pregnancy skin.  When I came to the realization that I cannot do anything about the fact that the weight will keep coming and the thighs will just keep getting bigger, I fixated on my face.  It's hideable, it's fixable, and when you see your chubby self in pics at least you can say "my face looks pretty." So lately my skin has just been horrible.  You know, the hormones are raging, the weather is changing, and all of a sudden you're breaking out like you're a junior in HS again and you have randomly dry patches on your face.  Not to mention I'm slowly approaching 30 and I feel like my age is starting to show.  I realized that my current skin care "regimen" (Which consists of me using just soap and water in the shower ....I bad. Trust...I've read every fashion and beauty magazine out there and they have chastized me enough)and makeup routine were just not going to cut it anymore....and i fixated.   and I take after my mother, who's chinese, and she has the softest skin around.  I have to say I get numberous compliments on my oh-so-soft-skin-without-using-a-touch-of-lotion-skin. But she has the PERFECT complection even at the age of.....LIES!  She'd kill me if i told you her age (Let's just say she got carded in a vegas casino when my sis and I were teens.....) But my complection certainly doesn't mirror hers in that aspect.

But then, she takes care of it too.

Anyway, so when Heather came....she could not here the end of my skin care problems (remember, I fixate), she set out to help me....I think mainly because I wouldn't shut up about it.  We went to talk to the Clinique lady, and she seemed to want more compliments on HER skin than she was concerned with answering questions about mine.  We went to Target and I had no idea what to do.  Thank goodness she was here with me...cuz i basically just pulled a "what do you do?"  TA DA!!! She had the answer! Here's my new skin care regimen.....hooray!!!

I first start out with a moisturizer with an SPF....I got an Oil of Olay one.  I think it's just called daily moisturizer with SPF.  Can't really get much simpiler.  Then comes MAGIC!!!

This is my new best friend....Neutrogena's skin clearing foundation.  It's so light on the skin, almost like a tinted moisturizer, and covers really well.  As soon as I put it on I was like....holy crap!  I look pretty! And normal!  And not dry and splotchy and red and gross!  It made me want to look a little better in my outfit too instead of just throwing on the fat jeans and the sweatshirt! 

Heather suggested using a foundation brush as well, as I was using my hands and she said (like any good mommy would) that the less you touch your face in general the better.  Then I do a light dusting with a little pressed powder.  I feel like this sets the foundation and evens you out even more.  Makes you look like you're not wearing any makeup at all.  Dust a little bronzer or blush on the apples of your cheeks, a little eyeliner and mascara....and I'm done!  Honestly, I've felt so good about the look of my face the past week that I've even gone without the eyeliner (which I NEVER do) because my skin was the highlight.

Oh....I also tried out the Boots 07 cleanser and toner for dry skin.  This is a really popular UK company that has come to the US via Target.  It's inexpensive, and I feel really good about it!  The cleanser takes off the makeup really well, and the toner takes off whatever the cleanser didn't.  I still have to use an eye makeup remover...but thats alright. 

Seriously, to all those out there preggo, post preggo losing weight, or to anyone who is just not in that place where they are loving their body.....fix your face.  It is such a confidence booster....and since every mirror shows your face, you may as well always be looking at something pretty, confidant, clear, and fabulous.  It's an easy fix in an otherwise self conscious time.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it all and that it's working. You are totally right...if I feel good about the way my makeup is, I care a little less about my bad hair day, or my muffin top - especially now since I gained at least 5 lbs while at your house...


  2. Yay for treating your face's my motto too. Won't leave home without makeup!



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