Monday, November 9, 2009

Vacays and best friends

So, as you can see, Heather and I have been completely MIA last week....why you might ask?  She was taking a week long vacay at my house on the East Coast with the fam!  Woot!  I have to say, this has been one of the best weeks ever too! Lots of jokes, lots of memories made, LOTS of food, and a great time for the boys to hang out and really get to play with each other.

She and the fam left this morning, and I have to say, it's been a difficult day for me.  Not just cuz I'm way tired, and feeling really pregnant and fat for the first time, but because I haven't talked in about 3 hours.  I have no one to talk to!  It's a rare thing, i think, to be able to find a friend that you have so much in common with and that you love so much, that even after a week of staying at your house, the house feels empty when they leave.  I think many feel relief that their life is "back to normal" when their houseguests depart, but not me, not with them.  My house feels a little bit incomplete and a little less whole.  I know that will return to "normal" soon, but I miss them so much already.  And not only do Heather and I have a best friend relationship, but her Hubby is my best "guy" friend by far (well, except for my Sonny...but y'all know what i mean.) He's like my brother, and WEB is most defientely my wee little nephew.  And if anyone tells me different I'll punch them in the face cuz there is a definite bond between me and that child.  He melts my heart with his little toothy grin.

And it was wonderful to actually have a chance to sit WEB and Hunter down together and watch them play.  I think Hunter got very attached to him cuz by the end of the week, he would pass by and lean down to kiss WEB on the head.  SO SWEET!  I just wish that those two could be together all the time...they would cause havoc in the neighborhood.

My friends are so important to me and such a big part of my life, and I want to insure that they are always apart of Hunter's life as well.  I loved having them here...and every day I wish we lived closer.  Even though we text, call, email, blog to each other all the time....there is just nothing like a hug from your best friend.

Miss you guys, love you guys, see you in January!!!!!! It can't come fast enough!

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  1. A big fat DITTO to all of that. Now shut up, you're making me cry...

    Miss you.



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