Monday, November 23, 2009


Lately I've been relishing any time that Hunter is sleeping.  Yes I have 18 load of laundry to do, but I'm also aware that in a little over 4.5 months, I will have ZERO downtime.  There will be awhile before I am completely alone at any time.  I have become acutely aware of this fact since I just started to feel the baby kicking a little inside me.  Hello, Wee Nutty, so glad you could join the party!!

So instead of doing the 18 loads of laundry as Hunter naps during the day, I do it on and off while he's up and get chores done as he watches.  It's not very exciting for him....but I think that before I have 2 wacko's running around the house I deserve a little 3 hours to myself midday.  So I've been finding things to do just for me!  My favorite is lunch.  I actually sit, and spend time making and eating my lunch!  It's so enjoyable!  Even if it is just leftovers or maybe a lean cuisine.....It's my time to myself.  And I don't have a little one "ahhh"-ing at me for a bite!  The second is the game bejeweled....specifically the weekly tournaments on facebook.  Heather and I have gotten into a bit of a competition about who has the highest weekly score....and so far I'm undefeated.  I may be in for my first upset this week though.

Another, and I haven't done this since HS, is watch my Days of Our Lives.  WHAT!!!  Sydney is Sammie's baby that Nicole took at birth and has been passing off as her own?  And to make things worse Nicole created another lie when the truth came out that she adopted the baby?  LIES!!!  ON TOP OF LIES!!!  It's fabulous.

And then there's always the online shopping, blogging, scrapbooking, and reading of books, mags, others blogs, and occasionally the 1/2 hour nap.  I have to say that since I've implemented the "relish the nap" idea, I've been a happier, healthier, more patient momma to my little guy. 

What do you all do for your mommy-time?  We'd love to hear your comments!!

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  1. I FINALLY won a week and it looks like you've already killed me this week...booo...

    I'd have to agree with you. I relish WEB's morning nap because it can be anywhere from 1.5-3 hours...I take my time eating breakfast and having some coffee while I read a magazine and watch TMZ with my feet up. I take my time in the shower and pick up the house slowly. It's glorious!




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