Thursday, October 1, 2009

The season of the sickies...

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days....or has it been a week?! Omg! The holiday season for me, means getting sick. Sure enough, the day after Lani left SoCal, the Santa Ana winds kicked up and so did my allergies. Allergies turned into asthma problems, which turned into a cold. Hip Hip Hooray! Well, after dealing with coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and the icks for a week, I started to see the light at the end of the sicky tunnel. Lo and behold, WEB got sick that day.

My poor baby is a ball of snot and mucus. He is coughing just like me. His nose is running like crazy and he gets so mad when I wipe it. I was telling Lani that he has the shakes a la Will Ferrell's Harry Caray impersonation on SNL . Then a crying fit ensues which makes the nose situation worse.

Although, by his overall cheery demeanor, you would never know he's battling his first cold. He's happy go lucky during the day, but just a little more cuddly than usual. In the evenings he settles down and goes to bed fairly easily, it's just the waking up that is the frustrating part for Hubby and I, as well as WEB. He wakes up screaming bloody murder. I'm guessing that it's probably because he can't breathe because his nose is stuffed up and his chest is congested. I've been trying not to pump him full of baby Tylenol, but I should probably dose him up again around 3am or 4am when he wakes up. Last night I didn't and every time I got him settled down to put him back in his crib, he would start screaming and reaching for me. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I just slept on the sofa with him in my arms. He still woke up every hour, but it seemed like he slept a little more soundly.

Tonight I think we'll try a couple of new things - both recommendations from our pediatrician and Lani. My mom is babysitting, so she might have a list, but hopefully it will make her job a little easier. We'll use the humidifier, give him a warm bath, and some Tylenol, the off to bed he goes. WEB and I will probably make a stop over at Babies R Us today to get a nose aspirator (Nope, I still haven't found a good one. You can read about my problems with them here: and maybe a Sleep Sack to keep him a little warmer. And anything else that I see that might make him sleep better. I'm up for trying anything at this point. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Poor little guy! Hope the humidifier helps. Its no fun when the babies are sick. Its hard to know exactly what they need.


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