Monday, October 5, 2009

The unnecessary rudeness of strangers...

Before I had a kid I never really used to care what people around me were doing, saying, thinking, or cared about what they thought of me. People could talk on their cell phones in Starbucks and I wouldn't care. They could swear in public and I'd just shake my head and think "rude," but go ahead...freedom of speech and all. And I of course would do what I wanted to do without a care of what people thought if I laughed out loud, said a bad word (mind you I was raised right so I was very cautious of only using the tame ones :) ), or did something a little annoying that may have bugged somebody. My bad....

Now that I have a child, though, things have changed. I am so SUPER sensitive to the goings on around me to a point now that it's annoying to myself. Don't you DARE say the "S" word in front of my learning-to-speak-and-very-suggestible one year old!!! Ack! Must move the child out of ear shot of this loud mouth because baby is napping in his stroller and this is the only time in the day that I have a bit of time to myself!!! I'm so sorry my baby is crying/whining/laughing in Starbucks....I know you're all trying to drink your coffees in peace!!! Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I run out of aisles if he is sleeping and people are too loud. I run across the street now because I feel bad that I have the right of way. I run out of stores or restaurants if he starts crying or doing anything that might disturb other people. It's amazing I'm not skinnier with all the running out of places and dashing around I do. I avoid situations that I know I could upset someone with him or that they could be upset with me. And I'm usually the one apologizing.....and people are usually sympathetic and realize that I'm trying to do the best for them make them happy. But....sometimes....SOMETIMES.....the complete and utter disregard for harried moms and their children hit me like someone just threw a brick in my face!

Example, folks:

Hunter and I were coming out of Target to walk across the street to my car. We looked right, left, right and proceeded to walk across the crosswalk....all the safety basics covered. Yes, there was a car both times when I looked to my right, but it was a chick (and I don't use that term with any affection) picking up her boyfriend, and she was stalled and not moving. So I headed out with caution, staring at the car the whole time. WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT...I'm half way across the street and she decides to go. And it's not a gradual take's a roaring of the engines and a jerk like she's about to drag race...nothing. She didn't even look to see if anyone was crossing the street. B****. See? I edit now!

Of course I halt and pull back, I have precious cargo at stake! Well, she sees me and apparently decides at the last second to be "nice" and screeches to a stop to give me the right of way. But, she made it known she was not happy about it....she rolls her eyes (WHAT?) and waves her hand that "ugh...I guess go ahead". I couldn't take it....I was just shocked. With all the running and the dashing about that I do now just to make sure that I'm not disturbing anyone with my baby or that he is not being disturbed, I just couldn't believe that this....chick.....was annoyed with me for crossing the street with my baby. WHAT? I couldn't help it...


She had this look on her face like an alien just popped out of my ass and started doing a jig on the hood of her car....a look of confusion and shock. That's right chicks...don't mess with a mom and her kid. She will cut you.

And then....after Hunter and I were safely across the street, she had the NERVE to lean her head out the window and call me a B. "ARE YOU SERIOUS???" I was fuming, but I was glad I said SOMETHING! To many times since I've had a baby have I been sorry sorry sorry over what he's doing, or avoiding a situation because someone else is doing something wrong. Too many times have I let people step on me because I have a kid. Well, not this time, not when Hunter's life was almost crushed be this chick in a beat up car. I had to defend. To take a stand. And there was a twinge of ugh-i-shouldn't-have-done-that-and-just-let-it-go, but a mom going into Target said "Good job" to me, and that was all the validation I needed to know that I was right to have an occasional outburst of insanity, especially when my baby is at stake.

Love you Hunter! Momma will bust out some crazyness for you anytime!!!

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  1. That is insane! I cannot believe that chick yelled at YOU! I'm glad you said something...but I cannot believe that you almost got into a fight with a chick at Target. LOL!


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