Thursday, October 8, 2009

Give & Take

The last month or so of WEB's sleep habits have been pretty awful. First, he was teething, so he'd wake up screaming bloody murder at around 3am. Now, the last two weeks he's been sick with his first cold, so he wakes up screaming several times a night because he can't breathe. Tuesday night was particularly ugly.

Here's a little time line of how it all went down:
6:30pm - WEB asleep in his crib
10:00pm - Hubby and I go to bed
11:00pm - WEB wakes up screaming. Hubby goes to get him and rock him back to hour later...he's still screaming
Midnight - I relieve Hubby and take over WEB. I try to rock him, feed him, medicate him, to no avail. After getting him calmed down in my arms for a few minutes, I try to gently place him in his crib. The second his bum touches the mattress he starts screaming again. I hold him and he's fine. 2 1/2 hours later...
2:30am - WEB and I finally part ways and I get him to sleep in his crib. I hurry back to bed and pass out.
3:00am - Hubby is up with WEB again. A fidgety, fussy, screaming baby in his arms, he tries to sleep on the sofa with him in hopes of getting WEB to sleep so he can. 2 hours later...
5:00am - I get up with WEB. I lay on the sofa with him to try and get him to sleep in my arms...
6:00am - WEB wakes up screaming in my arms. I get him to go back to sleep with me on the sofa.
7:00am - WEB wakes up screaming in my arms. I get him to go back to sleep with me on the sofa.
8:00am - WEB wakes up screaming in my arms. Hubby comes in and we both look at each other with zombie eyes.

Hubby reluctantly went to work, but I was expecting him to call me saying he was coming home early. Surprisingly, he didn't call. I guess they were short staffed, so he wanted to, but just couldn't. After thinking and worrying about him all day, I decided to give Hubby the night off. He is really good at helping take care of WEB at night at least once or twice when he wakes up even though I stay at home all day now and he works. Since WEB and I got our cold, I've been worried that Hubby would get it too. Having him lacking sleep would definitely make him a prime suspect to get it. So a night off to get some much needed rest was in order.

I was half hoping that by saying he'd get the night off, WEB would have a stellar night. He did better, but it was by no means "stellar". WEB and I both got some sleep, and Hubby got a much needed good night's sleep. He looked better this morning. No more zombie eyes. I was rewarded with a quick shower, time to get ready, and then the 3 of us went and had some bagels and coffee for breakfast. Yum!

Friendship, marriage, and life is all about giving and taking. I'm not much of a taker, especially before WEB came along. Even still, I'm not much of a taker but if you offer, I probably won't say no. Ha Ha! A warm shower is hard to come by when you've got a crazy lightning speed crawling monkey!

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