Friday, October 9, 2009

FF: Rock-a-bye baby CD

I heard about these CD's before Hunter was born and meant to get one or two, but just got a little lazy and distracted i guess.  Sonny decided that he was going to get one, just really cuz Hunter needed something cool to listen to besides "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and the "ABC" song.  We purchased the Rolling Stones album, and it's so cool!  They basically take the best of the Rolling Stones and put their music in lullaby form.  It actually sounds like a little music box or something, but it's so nice to sit in Hunter's rocking chair with him before naptime and hum a little "Brown Sugar."  It's nice for the baby, but it's nice for you too!  Why not give your child something cool to listen to?  They'll be the coolest kid on the playground busting out some "I can't get I try...and I la la.....I CAN'T GET NO....." get the idea.

They have a bunch of different albums including Green Day, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Aerosmith...and a ton others.  I think they even have something now where you can download songs into your ipod instead of buying the CD.  Seriously, check out the site. Your kids, as well as yourself, will love it!

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  1. They are great stocking stuffers! I picked up The Beatles and AC/DC for Hubby for Christmas last year. They are tons of fun.


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