Friday, October 16, 2009

FF: My neck! My back! Well...mainly my back...

Ok...This isn't a product or a thing or a lifesaving device that i've found.....but seriously, when you're back goes out and you're lying incapacitated on the floor while trying to tell you're toddler not to pull on the side learn to love your back.

You probably noticed that I was a bit MIA this week, and you can thank my spine.  On Sunday night my BIL was super kind to help us come over and move furniture...and he brought my lovely niece with him.  My back had kinda twinged that day...and the watching of 2 kids intensified it.  I don't know WHAT i'm going to do in 6 months....argh!!

So Monday and Tuesday I was LAID UP.  Seriously...I couldn't pick up Hunter from his crib (even when remembering to lift with my knees) let alone change a diaper, put him in a carseat, or sit and do a blog.  I couldn't move.  And the sad part?  Not the first time it's happened.  Nope.  Seems to happen every year right around the time when Summer turns to Winter.  What about Fall, you say?  There is no such thing.  Don't believe what east coasters tell you, there is NO AUTUMN.  It goes from 80 one week to 50 two weeks later.  I'm sorry....but 2 weeks of 70 degrees is not a season.  It's a tease....a warning that you'd better get your coats out and get them out NOW.  And if you miss the'll walk out into 40-50 degree, visible breath weather in nothing but some capri jeans, flats, a tank and a light cardi.  Then you're back will go out.  Trust, it will happen.

So all I can provide for this friday fave is the remedies that I use every year to get my back going again.  The best method for me is the heating and cooling on the back in 15 minute intervals.  I do this for about an an hour and refill the icepack....then do for an hour again.  I then get the hubs to rub my back with Mineral Ice, and pop a couple tylenol.  Body pillows are a must as stomach sleeping is not an option and all night back sleeping makes me snore.  Then I wake up to a hubby pushing on my face cuz I'm snoring (cuz that's how he thought he would help) and almost smack the bleep out of him, forgetting my back hurts and then cringing in pain.  Regardless of this, since it has nothing to do with curing your back illness, make sure to stretch it in the morning, rest a lot, and the ice/heat method really does work well for me.

Mommas, take care of those backs.  Practice yoga, stretch, lift with your knees and arms....and if you're back goes out....pray you've done a good job of childproofing your home.....

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  1. What about these bad boys?


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