Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fave : Shout it Out!

WEB is all boy when it comes to eating. By the time he finishes a meal, his face if covered in food along with his hands, bib, and high chair. Shout is my right hand now. I just had to restock from the bottle I've had for well over a year. I barely used it before WEB came along, and now I use it everyday, several times a day. I want to keep as much of WEB's clothes, bibs, blankets, etc. in the best shape possible so we can continue to help out friends and their new babies. Plus, it's not very cute to have dingy clothes in pictures!

I have resolved to keep the Shout on the kitchen table. After WEB finishes his meal, I wipe his face and hands much to his dismay, and take his bib off. It is actually somewhat mesmerizing for him to watch thanks to the red-orange top. I put his bib on the high chair tray and Shout out the mess he just made. I just toss the soiled bib into the dirty clothes until it's laundry time. This way the stain doesn't sit on the bib untreated for several days and is no longer able to be removed. Plus it saves me a good 10-15 minutes on laundry day because I'm not sitting there treating 15+ bibs and shirts and whatever else is a mess.

On the same note, I keep a Tide To Go stick in my diaper bag to treat those stains that happen while we're eating anywhere but home. I also have some little baggies in my diaper bag so I take the messy item, treat it, and toss it in a plastic bag to keep the mess contained.

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