Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty good so is your mom......

I am in agony waiting for this trip to arrive! I think the whole family is in agony. Do you realize (no...of course you don't cuz you aren't here....) that Sonny and I have not taken a vacation since our HONEYMOON!!! It's crazy! Our anniversary last year was a 4 hour trip to NYC for dinner. 4 hours! That's nothing! And yes we took a three day weekend to Hershey in April....but so not VACATION!!

We are just ready to get away....get away from it all. I'm losing my mind, seriously. Check this convo between Sonny and I last night....we got a good giggle....but it's a testament to how excited we are to leave:

Sonny: Lani, do you realize that in 36 hours we'll be on a plane to Cali!
Lani: I KNOW! and about 20 of those hours we'll be really we leave in 16 hours!
Sonny: and when Hunter goes to bed we stay up for about 3 hours just farting around, so that's six hours for 2 really we leave in 10 hours!
Lani: yeah! and for 9.5 of those hours we'll be in such a daze cuz we have mass cases of vacation-itis that really we leave in 30 minutes!!
Sonny: CRAP!! WE NEED TO FINISH PACKING! was funny last I said....I'm losing my mind so everything is pretty much funny right now.

This post has abso nothing to do with anything....but I can't think of anything besides leaving!!! Leaving here!!! Leaving "reality!" Leaving the laundry, the dishwasher, the stove!!! Being free of (almost) ALL motherly responsibility and letting my child, my husband, and myself indulge in a worry free week with the mouse!!! Doesn't it just sound heavenly?!?!

PS: actual tip of some sort. Heather emailed me these tips for traveling across time zones....will let you all know how it goes for your mommy getaways (well....sort of getaways....just away from the appliances that you are slaves to on a daily basis!) The gist of it is that babies go on a 90 minute sleep cycle where they are awake for 90 and sleep for about 90. So just continue that pattern on the flight and at your destination, waking the babies after 90 minutes of sleep, and then soothing them to sleep again after 90 minutes of wake time, until the babies bedtime in the NEW time zone. Then let them sleep for as long as they want. I'll see how well this works as Hunter is usually up for about 4 hours at a time and sleeps for about 3.5 hours in the we'll see if this works for babies who are already have a schedule down. I may just wing it...who fraggin knows.....

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