Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My New Office = The Car

A few years ago, when I was in college, I basically lived out of my car. I had all my school stuff in there. I had a change of clothes and makeup in there. A girl's gotta keep up with her social calendar and needs something cute to change into after work! Then after college, things died down a little bit. I had a 9-5 job, was renting an apartment with a few crazy roommates, and dating my Hubby. I didn't really have to live in my car anymore, which was nice.

Now things have cycled back around, or as Spongebob would say "Bring it arrrrrrrrrrround town!". After forgetting my diaper bag altogether at one outing, I now keep emergency supplies in the secret compartment of my hatch-back. The stroller and inflatable crab are permanent fixtures of my trunk. I typically have a pair of tennis shoes in my back seat in case we decide to go for a walk somewhere and I'm not wearing appropriate shoes. And then there's my life packed into my diaper bag.

While driving, I pop my bluetooth earpiece in and make a slew of phone calls. WEB usually falls asleep in the car, so I have a chance to make phone calls in some peace and quiet. I schedule Dr. appointments for WEB, myself, and Hubby. I call the cable company to get our rates down and see if they're running any promotions. I schedule our bug sprayer guy to come kill the ants in our bathroom. Sometimes, I get to call a friend and catch up for a few minutes.

I now, almost exclusively, seek out drive-thru ATMs to use. It's so much more convenient to use when you have a little one. A trip to the bank, otherwise, is a 10-15 minute ordeal just with the unloading and loading of the baby and diaper bag. Thank you Baby Jesus for making drive-thru ATMs more readily available! I'm in and out and on the freeway in 5 minutes. However, I do like going into the bank with my baby in tow to get the " old is he? He's so cute!" comments. I am an attention whore at heart, afterall. But I guess we get plenty of malaria coughing coos from our infected friends at Target and the grocery store.

I'm sure my car will remain my office for the next year or two while WEB still falls asleep. After that, I'll be too busy tossing Cheerios back there to keep him quiet while I attempt a nice quiet drive to anywhere.

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