Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beware of the Traveling Lanis!

She'll be the one running through the airport, child in one arm, extra large carry-on and purse in the other, picking up toys her son has lovingly dropped along the way. There will be a sad man following behind her, carrying too many suitcases because it's better to over pack than under pack, or so his wife says. As hectic as the first travel adventure might be for parents of one, they will be happily singing Disney tunes all along the way. If there are Disney movies to choose from in flight, you better believe they will choose them - Well, at least Lani will. Sonny will gladly catch a few much needed zzzzzzs on the plane.

I will be taking copious notes on what Mrs. Lani is bringing with her on this trip because we'll be heading out her way after Halloween. I would probably buy the biggest possible carry-on to take with me on a 5 hour flight, just to make sure all bases are covered. You'll need snacks, meals, toys, comforting blanket(s), and I can't even think what else for your Hubby, let alone what you have to bring for your child. ;)

I hope you've worked on your biceps and triceps for the weeks leading up to your trip because holding a 20+lb baby on your lap while he wants to play and then inevitably sleeps is going to tire those guns out! Rocking WEB now sometimes makes my arms fall asleep, let alone for 5 hours straight.

Then it's all of the extra travel arrangements you'll have to make. You need to request a crib for your hotel room. If you're renting a car, you need to rent a car seat. And hopefully your flight isn't packed so you can give your kid a seat between mom and dad to stand on, in hopes of keeping him happy and from being that kid on the flight that no one is too happy about...

The actual day of traveling might make you want to pull your hair out, but it's a small price to pay for a much needed vacation. A welcomed break from the reality of endless loads of laundry, meal making, and schedules in general. A chance for everyone to have some family time, and if you're lucky, an adults only date night. I think it's funny how Lani's vacation has kind of provided a break for everyone else. Hubby took off 2 days from work so we can enjoy a Disney character breakfast, and the luxury of playing a 4 day weekend by ear. Our friend, T, also took Friday off to do the same. Lani's family is around and will be doing the same. And our other buddies get to join the festivities after work.

Saturday night, be on the lookout for three sets of new parents hanging out without their kids! Whoa!!! With dinner reservations at 8pm, I will be taking bets on how many of us will be falling asleep before our dinner arrives.

M - I - C
See you real soon!
K - E - Y
Why? Because we like you!!
M - O - U - S - E !!!

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