Monday, September 28, 2009

It can only be described as pure, stupid, dumb LUCK

As we found out in our trip to Cali slash Disneyland....traveling with a toddler takes alot of preparation mentally and physically. We were prepared to not have a whole row on the plane to ourselves, we were prepared with tons of snacks, we were prepared for sleeping and napping fights, and we had an army of toys for when the child got bored. But....we found out....if you get stupid lucky....i mean...silly, ridiculous, standing there mouths agape saying "this can't be happening" lucky....then you won't need any of that prep.

Our flight out there was a dream...seriously. We got on the plane with high hopes because there weren't a whole lot of people waiting in the terminal. ARGH! "Just our luck" we think as a gentleman sits down in the aisle seat next to us. We prepped for a loooooonnnggg flight. As soon as they shut the doors, the gentleman gets up and moves to the seat in front of us (where his business companion happened to be sitting) saying "you guys might need this seat. OMG! Did somebody just give up his AISLE seat so that we could have a whole row? Yes.....yes he did! (LUCK) Hunter enjoyed the plane climbing into the air as he just lay across the middle seat, sucking on his bottle of frozen juice (great tip BTW for clearing their ears during takeoff and landing) and soon passed out for almost 2 hours (LUCK). He woke, he ate lunch so nice, and then came and climbed on my lap for a story. I'm feel wet. OMG.....SOAKED! He must have napped so well that his pants were drenched in pee. Thank the Lord that I remembered at the last minute to pack him an extra outfit for the plane (LUCK!!!)

We got to the hotel and tried to get an upgrade to a park view room just for something more special than the inevitable parking lot view. Well....she couldn't upgrade us to a park view (just our luck) but she could upgrade us to a family suite which has 2 rooms and is huge (LUCK!! WHAT THE?) So this way....we put Hunter's pack and play in the "family room" and we were able to shut the door to the bedroom and enjoy our own parent time! WOOT!!! LUCK LUCK LUCK!!! We should have gone to Vegas instead of Disneyland!!!

Hunter adjusted to the 3 hour time change no problem. He fell asleep in his stroller the first night at dinner (LUCK!) and we let him sleep for 90 minutes (as the sleep system said that I posted previously) and woke him up and putzed around for another 90 and then put him to bed at what would be his normal time, 8:00. He slept for 12.5 hours that night (LUCK!!!!). He napped twice a day in his stroller (STUPID LUCK!!!) and slept about 12-13 ours every night (OMG....we better not push's too good to be true.) We got to watch Fantasmic and the Fireworks one night because Hunter fell asleep in his stroller for the night so we stayed out a little later. This is just too good to be true.

Our plane ride home we braced for our luck to run the terminal was PACKED and our flights attendants said our flight was completely full. We cringed when a crumpled, sour faced, ugly (sorry....she was....inside and out) old lady sat next to Sonny in the aisle. He tried to be his normal jolly, friendly self, as we felt bad that she had to sit next to us. Hey, we're not ignorant, you don't have to love our child (although who could NOT....ha) and we know its not the most desirable seat on the plane. He said greetings and salutations and how are yous. You know what this beast of a lady does in response to my husband? She looks directly and Hunter and "Harrumphs." HARRUMPHS!!!! I'm sorry....were you looking for me to punch you in the face because that's what I'm about to do you sorry sack of sadness. She sits in the seat next to Sonny for 2 seconds....literally.....then moves to the aisle seat right behind us. There were still TONS of people boarding the plane so I guess she thought she could argue that and aisle seat is an aisle seat with the persons seat she stole. Well, guess what......screw her.....BECAUSE NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP FOR THAT SEAT!!! HA!!! So yet again we got a whole row to ourselves!!! LUCK!! STUPID, IDIOTIC, SILLY, DUMB, LUCK!!! Crazy!! Shows you stinky old can be rude all you want but good things happen to good people. Harrumph that!!!

I mean it....we couldn't have done it, or I should say done it as easily, without luck on our side. I would say to parents that are thinking of traveling with their wee tot...just be prepared....because without a ton of good fortune this trip, it would have been hard. Be prepared for whatever comes and as long as your prepared for the worst....Lady Luck with grant you a few sprinkles here and there!

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