Friday, September 25, 2009

FF: Gym class for little ones!

Sonny and I took a while to enroll Hunter in a class. Mainly for financial reasons, but also because we didn't want to bombard him with "school" so early! I know that it's the hip thing to do to enroll the kids in music and learning and mommy and me classes...but we held off a little. But really, the classes are ridiculously expensive too. And for kids younger than one....come on. $175-$200 for 10 weeks? Holy mother that's alot of loot when you add up classes for a year! We saved that money and went to Disneyland (yay churros!)

But we now have him enrolled in a gym class at a place called Little Sport and I must is awesome. We signed up with our girl, Ella, who is still a dear and does everything perfectly in class. The first class was not so fun, for me anyway. Hunter was having a great time, until we had to do something as a class. Circle time! Not so much for H-man. As soon as I picked him up to join the group he was kicking, screaming, arching his back, no no no no! I was dripping sweat....I had no idea what to do. He plays so well independently that this was the first experience we had with "organized play" and he just wasn't having it. I was quite embarrassed, needless to say, and was almost happy that another child had a breakdown in the middle of class. Normally I feel bad for moms....but I am ashamed to say that I was glad that kids breakdown was worse than Hunters. Took a little attention off of us....

This class....genius!! He did everything wonderfully....and even if he chose not to crawl through the tunnel or bounce on the ball....I didn't stress that much. He loves to wander off by himself...and this time I let him....except for the circle time and group plays. He eventually realized that everyone was doing something much more fun than he was so he sauntered on over. And he does saunter. Most kids toddle or run....he kinda has this swagger and this look that says "hey guys....whats goin on?"

The best part about the whole class? It tuckered the child out to no end!! He slept for 4 hours today! I felt like I should be doing more! I showered, ate, did laundry, and kicked myself for not working out, vacuuming, cooking dinner, and whatever else all in that time! But it was amazing to have 4 hours to myself and be able to actually sit and watch the Martha Stewart show for an hour! Martha bugs now....but that's a whole 'nother rant.

I would highly recommend gym class (and music and whatever) to every personal opinion....wait until they can really enjoy it. I'm sure the wee ones love the music and such, but I feel like Hunter is REALLY learning in this class. He's getting more attentive there and at home, and he's learning manners, to share, colors, sign language, and how to play some sports (today was hockey BTW....and he's got a wicked awesome slap shot!) Truly a great investment at his age!

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