Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fave : Disneyland Baby Center

In honor of Lani's upcoming trip to the OC, I thought this was an appropriate Friday Fave. Here you go!

Hubby and I have been annual passholders at Disneyland since we started dating. It was my first birthday gift from him, and he renews it every year for my birthday gift. After I had WEB, we were strolling around the magic kingdom and had to go to the First Aid station. Hubby had stubbed his toe on a chair and needed to get stuff to clean it. On our way out, I saw the Baby Care Center. What is that?! We were getting ready to leave so we just pressed our faces to the glass and saw that it looked pretty interesting. When we got home, I hopped online to see what this new discovery of mine was all about. Lo and behold it was glorious!

When you walk in, you are greeted by these lovely ladies that help guide you in the right direction. Do you need to change a diaper? Warm up a bottle? Breastfeed?

Off to the right side there is a sectioned off area that is a little darker than the rest of the room that is reserved for nursing your bambino. There are big wing back wicker chairs for you to sit on and it's nice and private.

Down a little hallway and to the back is a separate room for diaper changing. The changing tables are HUGE, well padded, with tissue paper covers. There's a sink in there and bidet-type thing for those of you using cloth diapers. There's also the cutest tiniest toilets I've ever seen for the little ones you're trying to potty train.

There's an area with high chairs to feed your baby. It's a little bit less of an exciting area so hopefully you'll get them to focus on the task at hand. That's usually a problem for us. Too many people walking around to check out or bright and shiny distractions.

You can also purchase a ton of baby items from diapers and wipes, to formula and bottles, to what ever else you might need.

This is also the location of the child lost & found. So if you happen to lose track of a little one, you should head over here. The nice ladies that help guide you in the right direction also hang out with the lost kids until their parents arrive. There are games and videos for them to watch to keep busy, but they say the kids are maybe there for 20 minutes maximum before their parents come to get them.

This is an awesome haven for new parents, that's for sure! It's nice a clean. There's also one at Disney's California Adventure, but I haven't gotten a chance to check that one out. It's near the Mission Tortilla Factory. The ladies at the Disneyland one told me it's a little smaller than theirs, but it does the trick.

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