Friday, September 4, 2009

FF: Cool mist Humidifier

With allergy season working it's way to full force, I have a sniffly, snotty, congested husband.....AND a sniffly, snotty, congested son! The tissue count in our house is outrageous. When Hunter was born the doctor suggested we get a cool mist humidifier for the winter months to keep his skin from drying out. Well, it's the best investment ever as it's such a life saver with clearing his congestion.

We got the Vicks cool mist humidifier, which is totally NOT the most expensive thing on the market....but it sure does the trick! Hunter sleeps so well, with no congestion, and is able to sleep all through the night without waking up due to coughing or anything. It's easy to use and fill up, but you do have to clean it so it does not develop mold and mildew and you do have to change the filter....we do it about once a month. But overall, It's wonderful. I'd say it's the best investment we ever made for the baby....all for around 24 bucks!

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  1. We got a humidifier too but haven't used it since WEB was first born. It's too dang humid naturally, we don't need any more. We'll probably use it again in the winter though. I might get another one for our room because it made our skin so nice and soft. :)



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