Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pregnancy Wacks You Out!

I went to my primary care Dr. today because I needed to change my asthma medication. When I got there, I remembered that our Pediatrician had told Hubby and I that we needed to get tetanus booster shots because they have a pertussis (whooping cough) booster in them. Although whooping cough isn't a big deal if an adult contracts it, it could be deadly for an infant. So it was a precaution that we needed to take to protect our little bambino. Of course I made Hubby go get one along with a flu shot ASAP. At the time, I was pregnant and couldn't get a tetanus shot, so I just got my flu shot and planned to get the tetanus after WEB was born. It's recommended to get a tetanus booster if it has been more than 5 years since your last one. Now that I've got you thinking about when you had your last one, if you can't remember, it's probably been more than 5 years!

In walked Dr. B, and I told her that I needed to get a tetanus shot. I figured she'd have to order it and I would just get it along with a flu shot in a month or so when their flu shots came in. Nope. Dr. B said "Ok, the nurse will be right back with your tetanus shot". Oh joy. "Oh, and by the way, your arm will be a 'little' sore for a day or two..."

A little sore?! I got my shot 4 hours ago and my arm is already sore. I made sure not to flex my arm, and asked the nurse to put it in my left arm, so hopefully the soreness will go away fairly quickly. Then Dr. B said I should get a flu shot and a swine flu shot, because I'm a high risk case since I have asthma. I guess that's good, so I make sure I get one because it's my Dr.'s orders. WEB will get both the flu and swine flu shots at his 6 month check up at the end of this month (if the vaccines come in by then) or shortly after. But then the Dr. said she wanted me to get some blood work done too. Apparently your thyroid and cholesterol can get all out of wack after you've been preggo. Um...what doesn't get out of wack during or after you're pregnant?! Good grief!

I hate needles and blood and everything that goes with it. I'm a major wimp so I'll have to wait until Hubby can drive me just in case I get light headed when they take my blood. The nurses usually laugh at me when I tell them I have to lay down and whatever they do, DO NOT show me any of the needles! When I had to get the blood work done while I was pregnant, I just remember them taking vile after vile of blood. There were 3 of the large ones and at least 2 of the smaller ones. I could not believe it. On top of my being a wuss, they always have a hard time finding my veins, so it makes for a wonderful pricking fest if I get a nurse who isn't quite as seasoned. That's my absolute favorite... When I had my knee surgery, they had to put a heating pad on my arm so they could get a vein to put my IV in. It's always way worse when I have to fast. Yuck. And when they put the IV in when I was in labor with WEB they had a hard time with that too. Hubby almost fainted because blood squirted on the floor. Awesome! He usually does really well with that stuff and likes watching the blood fill up the viles. He's a sicko...

So you don't just have to stay up to date and research your baby's vaccinations, you need to check up on yours and your Hubby's too! Be sure to ask for your pretty pink Tweety bird band aid! I didn't have to ask for mine, but I got one. I think a guy at Costco laughed at me this afternoon when he saw it. I think he was just jealous.

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  1. Word is the seasonal flu vaccine is available now, which it is. The H1N1 vaccine won't be out til mid October at the earliest and it's 2 shots and both shots must be done for full effect. That's what we've been told by CVS.


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