Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of an Era....

Shoes.....AHHHHHH shoes. Really, show me one woman out there that doesn't love shoes. They don't have to be big and flashy, or expensive and....cashy? (I had to make a rhyme....I do it all the time.....har har har!!!!) Even the most casual, laid back, non-into-fashion person has at least ONE go to pair of shoes, or a brand that they will buy over and over. Like Rainbow flip-flops. They are FLIP FLOPS for goodness sake, and cost a small bit for just FLIP FLOPS!!! But they have the most loyal fan base amongst the beach goers who claim not to be fashionistas in their simple bikini and cover up. But, they love those shoes!

I think that shoes can mark places in your life, experiences that you've had, and hold a lot of memories. That's why I have such a hard time tossing them out or throwing them away. Don't be too surprised if you find me on the show Hoarders in the near future with my house being over-run by shoes. I recently came across this dilemma of purging.....and it was SO DAMN HARD to get rid of one certain pair of shoes. They hold so many memories!!

I purchased these shoes in Italy when I was studying abroad in college. That was in 2001, folks....WAY back when! 8 years ago....I walked ALL around Rome in these shoes, drunk, sober, day, night, to the bars, to the opera. They were the most versatile pair, and surprisingly comfortable, and I paid a whopping 20,000 Lira for them, which back then I think was $10. TEN DOLLARS!!!! These shoes lasted me through my senior year in college, walking around downtown Davis, and the Catina, Froggys, and to class and back. These were readily worn by my roommate Megan after college....and when I went on that one fateful trip to Vegas where I met my future husband, these were on my feet as we walked the entire length of the strip, talking, holding hands, and slowly realizing that someday I might move to the Dirrty Jerz to be with him and start my family. I remember they were on my feets on our one year anniversary too.
These shoes have so many memories attached to them that I almost died throwing them out. The wood wedge was beyond repair, the leather straps were worn through, and had I worn them one more time they probably would have snapped. I should have had them bronzed. But this pair just reminds me of all the good times I had before my family, and how they played apart in ultimately creating my family! I know the sexy lace up was what caught Sonny's attention. Woot!
But I realize that every chip in the wood and every worn out part of that leather lace-up is a memory of my past, and those shoes are just a symbol of what was. Now I have a little man and a husband that I am creating new memories I guess now I have to get a new pair of shoes to mark those memories! What an idea! I'm sure Sonny will love it! There is a fab pair of Michael Kors I've had my eye on......

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  1. So sad and yet very cool. Cool that those shoes have seen so many important steps in your life. Now you'll probably focus on H's shoes as he takes small and deliberate steps. :)



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