Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Fab Secondhand!

I wish I would've known about while I was pregnant. I'm happy that I get to share it with you all now, but know that I am jealous! I was reading my last issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and saw this little article about this really cool looking site! What a great idea! As much fun as it was to shop for clothes while I was pregnant, it was also disheartening because I didn't want to buy expensive stuff when I was only going to be able to wear it for a few months. This is a great compromise. You can buy some of the more designer duds for cheaper prices, even some celebrity styles!

Another cool site that you can use even after your little one is born is The cool thing about them is that there are different branch-offs of different areas so you can get stuff from someone that's selling locally. You can also list your own stuff to sell. I will be listing a few things that WEB has out grown and we just don't have the room to store. I'll probably keep my eye out for some fun stuff that he'll "want" or need (meaning I think he needs) in the near future. :) They even have links for babysitters and nannies!

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