Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recipe: Carrot Souffle

Hunter's been super picky about eating much so that I've cut down on his portion sizes to make sure that he eats a little at his next meal! Not to worry though....that kid has enough reserve to keep him going. Breakfast is usually good, lunch is OK, and dinner is mind-blowingly terrible. He throws food, hides his face, yells at me, and he even went so far one time as to throw his milk cup on the floor. That child NEVER refuses a that was a biggie.

So, we went over to his grandparents house for dinner last night and I warned them that dinner may not be a wonderful experience. Well his Gigi made this OUTRAGEOUS dish called a "Carrot Souffle". He ate his whole portion, and I loved it too! It tasted like a pumpkin pie....but was chock full of nutritious carrots! I've asked her for the recipe, which I forgot to get before we left, but I found one online that seems similar.,1850,150182-239196,00.html

Gigi's did not have the topping that this recipe does, but I'm sure that would be good too....just omit the nuts for kiddies under 3. I have been experimenting with all types of foods since Hunter got a little picky, but the best recipes are really the ones that I can make for the whole family. That was he sees us eating the same thing, and, if worse comes to worse and he doesn't like the meal, it won't go to waste! Tonight we are trying turkey meatballs (sweetened and moistened with a little grated apple in them) with a roasted red pepper sauce and rice. We'll see how that goes over! But nobody compares to grandma' I may be playing dodge-the-meatball tonight! Will that count as my excercise for the day? Hmmmmm

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