Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did I ever mention that my son was such a stud?

Hunter is going to grow up to be one of those guys at the know....THOSE guys. Starin' girls down, sippin' the drink, maybe doing the head nod dance to the music.....basically just puttin out the vibe. He is so chill and loves to just hang....and he loves the ladies.....

Prime example, he had a playdate with his best girlfriend, Ella, who LOVES to climb all over him. And he just sits. He lets her manhandle him with the climbing and the squeals of excitement and the grabbing at the face and shirt. He's like the Beatles and she's like his biggest fan. I love this girl! She's seriously my kinda chick.....aggressive, yet super sweet. Her mom worries that Ella's gonna hurt him, but guess what, I think Hunter digs it. I think he's alllll about it. He was just sitting there, putting out the vibe, soaking in all the love and hugs and attention.....and then....out of nowhere.....She kisses him!!! Right smack on the forehead!! It was so sweet I almost cried.

This is how I flashed forward to the future, to my little man coming home with a girl and me realizing that he's not mine anymore. I mean, the kid's only ONE and got his first kiss! It was a weird moment, thinking how fast he's growing and how he's totally gaining his Independence.

But seriously, when they (you know.....THEY) say that "they grow up so fast".... it's the truth! I can't believe that he's walking (well....wobbling) already and saying mama and sleeping 13 hours a night (i's crazy and I'm lucky).......he'll probably move out next week and get a job....(sigh)

I just hope Hunter always stays as easy going and chill as he is right now. We're in the stage of the wonderful one's, but I know the terrible two's and three's are on their way (ugh....i dread it) But I'll enjoy the kisses that I get, the cuddles, and the endless Ma-ma's. Before I know it, some other girl is going to whisk him away from that bar (she'll fall for the "vibe"), pull him out on the dance floor.....and I'll be the FURTHEST thing from his mind.

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