Thursday, August 20, 2009

Booger Suckers?

I have bought probably 3 of these darn things now and none of them work! The plastic is too hard and it doesn't re-inflate fast enough to do any kind of suckage of boogers out of my child's nose! It drives me crazy. I'll lay him down and can see some clingers on the inside of his nostrils and can't do a darn thing about it.

The only one that worked was the one at the hospital when he was born. I wish I would've grabbed that when we packed up everything and left. Now that's one of the first things I tell our friends when we visit them in the hospital with their newborn - "Whatever you do, do NOT leave without snagging that nose sucker!".

That was the greatest bit of advice I think I got in the hospital - take all of the stuff you can. We used the little tub and bowl that the nurse used when she gave him his first bath for his first couple sponge baths at home. The Pampers they had at the hospital were awesome, so we got to take a package home with us. It is genius that they have that little strip on the outside now that changes colors so you know they peed. Newborns pee so little that it's sometimes hard to tell, but that little indicator is a lifesaver! Especially with WEB who hates having a wet diaper for longer than a few minutes. Even the nurse we had the morning we were leaving said to take everything but the blanket that they wrapped WEB up in while we were there. I even asked for a bunch of those disposable panties to take home with me. Fun stuff!

I just wish I had grabbed that nose aspirator, too. How else to you get boogies out of a baby's nose? My fingers are too big!

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