Friday, August 21, 2009

FF: The New Mom Jeans....and they're not ugly!

C-sections suck. I'm a firm believer in that fact. Most of the time it's necessary, like me who pushed for 2 hours and then they decided to tell me he wasn't going to fit. Lovely. But for the people who choose to go C-section (which I heard you can do, but don't know why you would) be prepared to have some serious body and health issues. First of all, It takes 6 weeks to recover, then you're all swollen from the surgery, your stitches itch, you have a lovely purpley scar on your bikini line that you get scared to shave/wax over even after it heals, and the best part? The fantastic lower belly pooch you retain from having your lower abs cut and stretched to get an 8 lb baby out.

Well, for those of you like me that have had the C-section not by choice, that are working out furiously to rid yourself of that pooch, and that have renounced low rise jeans because they make people totally stare at your lower abs wondering why you have a bowl of Jello jigglers under your shirt....I found inexpensive, totally great jeans! yay!

I'm always finding myself pulling my jeans up and over the pooch just to hide it. I really wanted to find a pair that are mid rise, but not up under my armpits, that naturally going over the poochy so I don't have to fidget fidget in public, or worse, risk the camel toe attempting to hide the belly.

I went to Old Navy yesterday (mainly because they were having a $19 jeans sale) and they had 3 new styles. The ultra skinny (nope), the weekender (possibly) and the dreamer (aaahhhhhhhhh!....light shining down....angels singing....). Obviously I LOVE the DREAMER jeans! They are a mid-rise boot cut, straight through the hip and thigh, but they also have a "secret panel" that trims the tummy and lifts the butt! JEAN-IOUS!!! Haha....that was punny....oh I'm such a dork....

They are great "Mom" jeans for the person who doesn't like "mom" jeans. Yeah they are a little higher rise then I'm used to, but I have to find a new style to fit my post baby body and they make me look and feel sexy! That's what matters! They are stylish, come in a range of colors, styles, and lengths, and they are so inexpensive that you could by 3!! Or more...I just threw that number out there. They are regularly $34.50 at Old Navy, but it's still a steal. I can't wait until the humidity lowers here so that I can wear them....they are wonderful!


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  2. I might have to go check them out in a month or two! They sound glorious!


  3. ohh jeans that hide the belly! I don't have a baby but I have a small belly I'm trying to get rid of! Thanks for the recommendation!


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