Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fave : Elastic Waistbands!

I am now about 21 weeks postpartum. My belly has gone down a lot and I have lost a good chunk of preggo weight with a good chunk left to lose. Thanks to an 8lb 7oz baby and a truck load of stretch marks, my belly is jiggly. My 30 Day Shred has helped my abs start to return, and I can feel them somewhere under an inch or two of belly meat.

As many postpartum women know, finding clothes to wear is a challenge, to say the least. I was tired of most of my maternity wardrobe with the exception of my Gap jeans. However, thanks to my new funky body, even those fave jeans were tight in some new places. Now, most of my maternity clothes are too loose, but my pre-preggo clothes are too tight. Even my clothes that I wore in my first trimester are too tight, and those are just a size or two bigger than my pre-preggo clothes.
Then one day while strolling through the all too familiar aisles of Target, I realized the wonders of elastic waistbands on non-maternity clothing. It was like Christmas! I got a brown a-line skirt that is forgiving to my after-preggo mid-section. Thanks to the joys of a hot and more humid than usual California summer, I picked up a pair of bermuda shorts that also have an elastic top. And yesterday, I perused the clearance racks only to find a comfy pair of bermuda sweat shorts for $3.00. They're better than wearing my Hubby's shorts around the house...

I have picked up a few maternity things since giving birth and have somehow refrained from buying them because in the back of my head Stacy and Clinton said that's a No-No. Oh the perils of watching What Not To Wear over and over again now that I'm home.

I have bought a pair of bermuda shorts that do not have an elastic waistband but I try to wear them on my "skinny" days and am about to cut the tag out so I don't see the size of them. I also have a pair of regular shorts, although they're a little longer than my pre-preggo regular shorts. They have a normal waistband and are pretty comfy, but again, only to be worn on skinny days. Shorts pose the problem of my inner thighs rubbing together and then it looks like my crotch is eating my shorts. Needless to say those are not ideal for long walks. I periodically take some funky looking steps to fix the problem without just grabbing my crotch to correct it. Hubby thinks it's really funny when I do that weird duck waddle to fix it. I can suck in my gut, why can't I suck in my thighs?

So for all my post-preggers friends, join me in the elastic waistband movement. It's comfortable, for this in between phase, and helps hide that inevitable pooch of a belly (whether you were c-sectioned or not). And on some days, you might even feel good about your outfit! - What?! Who said that?!

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  1. Glad that you posted this because I know so many post pregger friends who feel so guilty of wearing larger clothes and maternity clothes due to the "Victoria Beckhams" of the world. Real women have real "fat" after having a baby and its just part of motherhood. Thanks for sharing!


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