Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Diva Style: new bedspread

After 4 years of living in this house.....It's time for a bedroom makeover. Sounds totally ridiculous since 4 years is really not that long of a time, but when Sonny and I moved in, we did "temporary" design. And, through marriage, a cute kiddie, and just pure laziness, our temporary Ikea and Target furnishings have become our permanent, not child safe, and showing the wear and tear of their cheapness furnishings. SO TIME FOR A MAKEOVER!

We're starting with the bedroom, because, really, when you are parents of a wild walking and semi-talking toddler, you definitely need a nice little sanctuary. So these are some of the ideas that I'm thinking....I'll update with posts of the progress as we will be a work in progress....

Platform bed with tufted Headboard, $649 at Although my budget for the bed was $500...this one was too good to pass up. We have a platform bed right now from Ikea, so we don't have a box spring or frame. The original idea was to get a headboard and purchase the box spring and frame, but that was adding up to about $650. All I have to do with this is pay shipping and it's the same! And it's all together...sweet.

This is my inspiration bedding from Pottery Barn, on clearance now for $139 for the kind size duvet. I wanted something more feminine and lighter color in our room cuz ours is SO masculine and tres dark. I picked a floral pattern option too....but this is the most I could get away with with Sonny. He was not having the floral, kept asking me where my walker was. Anyway, I found a similar style on for $39.99! That's where my savings is! Woot!
I plan on accenting everything with gold-ish metallics, whites, and details like mirrors and some sparkle. That'll put more femininity to the room and really lighten up the dark space.

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  1. Asking me where my walker is sounds like something Hubby would ask me. Has Sonny been talking to him a lot lately? LOL!

    I can't wait to see the finished product! It's going to look great!



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