Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Nap Nazi

Why does everyone make fun of me for insuring that my child gets the optimum amount of sleep that he needs? I know it's not just me that does this because everything I read is moms worrying about their babies sleep schedule, waking them from naps, scheduling flights for vacations around their naps (maybe that one's just me....). But really! Stop with the "oh just let him stay up and have fun" crap! You're not the one who has to deal with the nighttime repercussions oh even the days after that follow! GGGAAARR!!!

I admit I may be a little neurotic about H's sleep. Even Sonny makes fun of me for turning the TV down to barely there levels when H is sleeping, for making using the garage door vs. the front door to come in and out of the house because it doesn't squeak, and for tip-toeing up and down the stairs because they back up to his room. But come on....if you're napping nicely and somebody wakes you up from your dreamy bliss....are you like "oh hello world, so glad you woke me so I can play" or are you grumbling profanities for the neighbors to shut the hell up and go to bed already?

Yeah...I thought so. And since my son's profanities are still slightly garbled.....I get them in the form of ear piercing screams and lots of tears. Oh joy of're right people who aren't his parents....I SHOULD have just let him stay up and enjoy the day.

It just goes along the lines of people butting in and telling you how to raise your kids. Thanks grocery checkout lady.....I will be sure to steam his zucchini vs. roasting it for optimum health benefits...and you're right...he does look like he needs a nap even though he just woke up from one...but you would know better than I. Why don't you take him for a weekend and see how well you do with him while I enjoy my mommy martini....see how well you know him in the 2 seconds you just met him. Yes...I'm a little bitter, but "people" seem to know so much more about my son personally than i do and it just amazes me at the nerve they have to tell me how to raise him.

But the one thing that I'm not in the least polite about is those naps. If there is ONE thing that i know for sure about my son....he needs his sleep. out because the gates of hell are opening and Satan is emerging in the form of H. SO back off....

I feel there should be a moral to my annoyed're your kids. Remember that. You raise them the way that is best for you and them. You know them best and sometimes "people's" suggestions are not asked for because they are not wanted. Is that good? Done. Have a nice day!

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  1. Naps are - and I have a feeling always will be - a constant battle. And yes, people love giving their opinions, especially when they're unwarranted...sometimes you have to hit the "smile & nod" button or the "ignore" button and refrain from the "punch you in the face" button. ha ha!


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