Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's good to be right!

I've been itching to pick up a jumperoo for WEB because he loves to stand. If he gets upset because he's been sitting in your lap for too long, stand him up and he's a whole new happy kid. I have a feeling he'll be walking early. I figured a jumperoo would be a good investment because he can have a little bit of independence, plus there are all kinds of bells and whistles for him to play with.

So yesterday we made our trek over to Babies R Us. I was waiting to either get a coupon or until it went on sale before we bought it. Lo and behold, we got a coupon for 15% off last week. WOOT! Hurray for coupons! As a side note - I try to refrain from buying things full price from Babies R Us. Their sale prices are Target and other retailer's regular prices. It's like the give out coupons so they can be competitive with Target. Definitely do not buy diapers or other baby essentials from there!

We got it home yesterday and WEB was enthralled while Hubby was putting it together. When we put him in it, he was so happy that he started to squeal with delight at one point! It was hilarious! He was so smiley and jabbery, it made me feel like a good mom that I know what my kid would love.

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  1. Looks like WEB is having a ball!! Yay for toys which make him independent =)


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