Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Taking care of a house, a baby, and having what I guess would classify as a part time job on top of that makes for a hectic and sometimes stressful schedule. In between feeding, entertaining, and napping WEB, I need to pay bills, clean house, figure out what to make for dinner, and run whatever errands necessary. Somewhere in there I'm supposed to find time to blog, make and eat lunch, work out, shower, and get myself put together. I maybe have 30 minutes total, at most, to myself to complete those tasks. It's been a tad over four months since I've started this new life and I am no where near getting a schedule down pat, which for me - The Planner - is stressful and, at times, very frustrating.

About once a month I get a chance to run away for a few hours - sans Hubby and baby. Last night was one of those rare nights. Four of my gal pals and I met up for some dinner. Thank you, girl's night out! As soon as Hubby got home from work, I changed my clothes, touched up my makeup, ran a brush through my hair, and was out the door. This is an outing that I look forward to for days and sometimes weeks. A chance to hang out with friends, laugh, gossip, and sometimes be snarky girls like the good ol' days is a nice departure from my everyday reality. All five of us girls are at fairly different parts of our life, but somehow our relationship just works. Not all of us are married or have kids, but we have stories that are entertaining to everyone.
Not getting much sleep this week made me less chatty than usual. Hopefully I didn't look as disheveled and tired as I felt. I opted for a coke for a much needed caffeine fix instead of a beer or glass of wine. We went to a build-your-own-burger joint. By no means do any of these things scream out a wild and crazy night out, but it does the trick. It's a chance to get out of the house and do something just for me; recharge the proverbial batteries and remind myself just a little bit of the girl I once knew myself to be.

So don't feel guilty about leaving your Hubby at home to tend to the baby. He's a big boy, he can take care of feeding, diapering, bathing, and putting your little munchkin down for the night. We are hard working women and we deserve it!

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