Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fave - Cheerios

For a rambunctious, squirmy, wiggly, jiggly toddler.....Cheerios are a miracle of nature. I swear, yesterday H and I were at the mall and despite my best efforts, I could not convince him that wandering through racks and going into the dressing room were super cool fun things that everybody his age WISHES they were doing. He wasn't buying it. Even looking at himself in the mirror of the big room was not amusing him. He is the vainest 13 month old I've ever seen. He seriously can't go past a mirror without checking himself out.

Anyway....after whining and crying and me doing a couple of publicly humiliating jigs....I did what every loving mother would do....stuff the boy with Cheerios! It's like a miracle drug or something that instantly quiets a child and KEEPS him quiet! Whoever thought of them should really win product of the yea.....every year. Not only does he devour them with gusto only known to dogs and pregnant women (an maybe the occasional husband when he finds himself face to face in front of a 12 foot cheese steak after his wife has had him on a diet for a month)...he plays with them, pokes them, lines them up, talks to them...they are such the perfect little entertainment!

Cheerios my friends. We all know they are good little finger foods for children....but they really should adopt the slogan "Keeping mother's sane for over 50 years". Or however long they've been around....I feel sorry for parents pre-O's. I can't imagine raising a child without them!

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  1. WEB isn't quite ready for Cheerios, but we just picked some up because they're just so tasty!


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