Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fave : Up & Up

Thank you Target for always having my back. I have purchased my fair share of diapers, wipes, and all things disposable for babies from Target. Right before WEB was born, I picked up one of the plastic reusable containers to hold wipes to keep in my diaper bag. Come to find out it was just a huge pain in the butt. It was hard to get the wipes out one-handed. It only held about an 1" high of wipes, which was probably around 20 wipes. When you have a diaper explosion, you quickly find out that this is not enough wipes to remedy such a situation.

I bought some of the Pampers wipes in the plastic baggie with the cool plastic pop top that keeps them fresh. It help 80-100 wipes. This was handy. It held a lot of wipes, and was nice and compact to fit in a diaper bag. I think they were on an end cap of an aisle for $1.97 each or something.

Well, on a more recent trip to Target (it's my home away from home...we are frequent visitors. Sometimes we don't need anything we just go to wander in the air conditioned aisles to get out of the house...welcome to our lame life...), Hubby and I were perusing our options and comparing prices of these wipe packs. Thank you Target for your Up & Up brand. It's a dollar or two cheaper than the other brands and there were just as many, if not more wipes in the package. We also picked up Up & Up brand paper towels and toilet paper that day. I am just as happy with these products as I would be with Bounty or Quilted Northern and they're much nicer to my debit card. I am officially a convert.

Once again, THANK YOU TARGET. You are the love of my life - 2nd to my son and Hubby, of course!

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  1. I LOVE TARGET!!! I swear the cashiers know Hunter by name now. And the Starbucks lady (we're fancy....we have a bucks in ours) loves us! Try the UP & UP puffs (comparible to the Gerber little puffs) when he gets ready for finger food. They are just as good and look like the letter "A" of course that's the only letter that Hunter knows....and they are only 25 calories for 90 pick up a pack for yourself!!

    <3 LANI


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