Friday, August 14, 2009

FF: Your own Local library...BONUS! IT'S FREE!!!

Seriously!! It's amazing. I think that our libraries really get forgotten and don't get taken advantage of as much as they used to. I remember when I was little,my mom would take us to the library in the mall (sweet!!) and we'd have story time, craft time, and then later we'd have lunch in the food court (where I discovered Gyros....mmmm...Gyros.....drrroooollll.....sorry...sidetracked there...)

OH! So the library. Let me back story here. My neighbor Lia is one of the most frugal people I know. I mean, this chick is savvy with a dollar and still manages to live fabulously. She won't by coffee out when she can just make it, she makes her own dough for pizza every Friday, and she bought a great pair of preggo jeans at a second hand store for $5 (really....she only needs them for 9 months anyway.....but she looks great!!!). I joke with her that when I'm out and about I second guess my purchases with a "What Would Lia do?" I'm going to make a WWLD bracelet for myself. Anyway, she kept insisting that I NEED to go to the library....I MUST!! There are free DVD's there so she doesn't pay for Netflix, her and her husband took a ballroom dance class there. She kept forwarding me class info, monthly calendars, books she checked out, recipes she got from the library.....ARGH!! OK! I'LL GO!!!

Let me tell's wonderful! They have story time for kids, craft time, music time, all for free! Mine has a GREAT kids section that on deathly hot and humid days, Hunter and I can go and play (they have this big area with a mat and soft blocks and bean bags for the kids to play with) or we'll just sit on the big sofa and read books in a wonderfully air conditioned and comfortable environment!

Lia and I just went today and you can check out up to 50 books at a time....which sounds ridiculous....but I went for one and walked out with 4: 2 kids recipe books, a handbook for Toddlers, and a Martha Stewart "How to Organize Your House Because It Looks Like a Tornado Just Touched Down In Your Living Room" book....I can't remember the exact title...but it was along those lines.

I encourage everyone to check out their local library! They are a wonderful tool in the way of parenting...and my little tike loves it there. He's a little claustrophobic in the aisles....but a cup of goldfish and juice clear that right up! Check...a check....check it out!

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