Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Disney Sing A Looonnngg

So Hunter (yeah I finally said his's too cool of a name and too hard to keep editing myself)....anyway, Hunter has developed the fine art of not letting me change his diaper. He twists, he turns, he arches, and it's really all I can do to not crush the poor child as I'm pinning down those shoulders with my left arm as I try and change the poopy diaper with the right arm.

I don't know how it started....but somehow I got into the habit of singing to him to try and distract him....and now the ONLY song that really works? The Mickey Mouse club theme song. The Backyardigans theme song gets a hit every now and then, but that MMC song just makes him lay there and stare at me in complete awe. Yeah...I know little dude...I should totally have a record deal....

I think he likes it because i do a little jig and change tones during the know...."Mickey Mouse.... DONALD DUCK!.....Mickey Mouse.....DONALD DUCK!" If I get really desperate.....I bust out the early nineties, Justin-Britney-Christina Mickey Mouse club rap. Why I know that I have no idea. We didn't have the Disney Channel growing up.....but even if I knew it from sneaking to my friends house to in the heck do I remember it? REGARDLESS!!! IT WORKS!!! Disney really is magic.

Today was the joy of all joys though! After I finished my 3 part rendition (it was a really sticky poop) I even got a clap at the end! Oh thank you! He was probably clapping at the song....but I took it as a job well done at changing the diaper. Thank you, thank you! autographs....oh the flash bulbs are blinding.....really, it's just all in a days work!

And just in case anyone is interested:

MMC theme song

Who's the leader of the club
that's made for you and me
Mickey mouse, DONALD DUCK!, Mickey Mouse, DONALD DUCK!
Forever let us hold our banner High, HIGH! HIGH! HIGH!

Come along and sing a song
and join the jamboree

repeat as necessary


(in your best early nineties rap voice)

Who's the leader, of the club
that's made for you and me (Hup! Hup! Hup!)
M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E
Yeah, a mickey mouse, rock the house
a mickey mickey mickey mouse
rock the house

Now it's time, to say goodbye
to all our company (what! what! what!)
M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E

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  1. the heck did you know what I have been singing to WEB while changing his diaper?! WEB is squirmy and likes to arch his back so his butt doesn't touch the diaper when I'm changing him. He then times it just right so when you go to put the flap over top he lifts his butt and I pull the diaper out from under him altogether. The MMC song and rap help occupy him. We also sing the Spiderman song and Itsy Bitsy Spider because we have a dancing Spiderman above the changing table so he can watch that...Good times!


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