Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

I woke up this morning a little groggy from my late night. I wasn't up late because I was tending to my baby. He slept just fine through the night. I was up late because I was sucked into finishing my book. I have been slowly reading Breaking Dawn (for those of you not in-the-know, it's the 4th book in the Twilight series) for the last couple of months. I think I was savoring every last drop of it because I knew that this was it. This is the end. There are no more books after this. This is the last I will get to read about Edward and Bella. So after a nice evening at Disneyland with my Hubby, WEB, and friends, I put the baby to bed and opened up my book.

I had less than 100 pages to go and I couldn't take the slow pace anymore. At around 1am, I was crying. Without revealing any of the ending, I'll just say that anything to do with kids these days just melts my heart. Being a new mom, I can't imagine my life without my little boy. So by reading or watching something about a child suffering, I put myself in their situation and emotional.

I finished all but the last chapter at around 1:30am. I went to bed and got up this morning a little sad. I had one more chapter left to read and it was just the last little bits of the story where they "wrap it up and tie a bow around it" as my mom says. I got WEB's morning bottle ready and fed him while I finished my last 10 pages. Again, I teared up a little bit when I closed the book for the last time.

Reading about a love so pure and true as Edward and Bella's just makes me love my Hubby (aka my soul mate) more. It makes me stop and think about all of the little things we do and say for each other to show each other how much we care. It's awesome that this series has become so popular and has swept the nation because that means we still believe or want to believe in love.

So today, take a moment and look at your significant other and tell them how much you love them. If you have kids, look at the beautiful life that you have created through love. It may be sappy and cheesy but you will be glad that you did. :)

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