Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rolly Polly

Gone are the days of leaving WEB in the middle of our bed while I take a shower or on the sofa while I make him a bottle. My showers are about to become much shorter and/or revolving strictly around nap times. WEB is officially a rolly polly. He's rolling from his back onto his belly and from his belly onto his back. I put him down on his back on his activity mat, leave the room for 5 seconds while I get something, come back and he's on his belly. I leave again for 5 more seconds and he's on his back again. A couple minutes go by and he's completely off of his activity mat, onto the carpet, and just keeps on truckin'.

He was rolling from his belly onto his back very early on. It's only been in the last week or two that he's progressed to rolling from his back onto his belly (which is the harder way to roll according to the Dr. and all of the books). It started as just rolling on his side and before we knew it he was all the way over. I think it helped that he was getting momentum from grabbing his toes and rocking back and forth. Ha ha. That's a funny sight to see.

Aw...my little guy is growing so fast! In the last two weeks it seems like he's decided to advance by leaps and bounds. He's also squirming around on the floor. If I put him on the floor and he's not facing the TV, he'll maneuver himself around so he can see the TV, especially if Spongebob or another cartoon is on. He really liked watching Shrek the other day. If he's on his belly, he'll put his feet to the floor and push off so his butt is in the air. He's giggling a lot more now. Apparently banana, what?!, and noodle are some really funny words. He's even starting to hold his own bottle while we feed him. He'll push your hands out of the way almost as if he's saying "You're not doing it right! Give it to me. This is how you do it!". He's 16 weeks going on 5 years!

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  1. yay for WEB!! What...is he going to be walking around D-land in September?? He's growing by leaps and bounds!!!

    <3 you! Lani


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