Monday, July 20, 2009

Motherhood is a contact sport...

Bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts....all a part of childhood right? But I thought it was the kids who get beaten up....not the parents! I seriously don't think that in all my years of playing softball, basketball, cheer leading, and dance have I EVER gotten as many bruises and cuts than i have in one year of motherhood.

Let's just take this weekend for example. The baby had to sleep in bed with us and I got repeatedly kicked in the ribs all night. Then when he wanted me to wake up with him he thought the best way to wake me was to slap me across my face....raking those little razor sharp nails across my eyelids. Note to self, cut baby nails. I groggily take him downstairs for breakfast where I misjudge the turn and ran my shoulder into the corner of the wall. I proceed to cut some fruit for his breakfast and end up cutting my finger. THIS IS IN A MATTER OF A COUPLE HOURS PEOPLE!!

H is learning to throw the ball....but his aim is not spot on. No need to put a phone call into the majors yet. So...who ends up getting pelted with, not just the ball, but trucks, blocks, bears (those are soft...i can handle those), sippy cups, and shoes? Yup...I'm apparently a magnet for hard toys.

NAP TIME!! FINALLY! oh...but i have to hurry and rush cuz you really only get about 2 hours to do everything. So i work out (thank god no accidents), but as i rush to take a shower i stub my toe on the lip of the shower door, cut myself shaving, and TOTALLY bruise the SHHHHH out of my shin running around trying to fold laundry (I hit it on the corner of our bed...again...i misjudged where it was).

Getting the stroller out of our SUV for our walk later it landed on my flip flopped foot (which already had the stubbed toe and the bruised!!) and then at dinner....i dodged a sippy cup. HA! YOU DIDN'T GET ME WITH THAT ONE CHILD!!!

I guess as long as i intercepted all the accidents from the hand of fate for my little guy, I can live with a few war wounds. At the end of the day I look at every one of my bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes, and chalk each one up as a successful attempt at being the best mom i can be. Well....except for the shaving. After nearly 15 years of doing it, you think i'd get the hang of it...that was just pure accident prone stuff.

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