Monday, July 27, 2009

Otter pops to the rescue!!!

H is such a cruising/walking machine right now that if you don't watch him....he's bound to hurt himself. exactly what happened on Thursday night. My BF, Megan, was in town for a Bachelorette party trip to NY, and after dinner we were chatting with one eye on H as he cruised around the living room. He was walking along our coffee table and slipped and BAM! He banged his mouth right on the edge.

His gums started bleeding a little. SO glad Megs was there cuz she's a PA in an emergency it was like having my own little doc around the house! She said that the best way to stop the bleeding was to put an ice cube on his gums. Forget that!! I was having a hard enough time getting him to stay still for me to just wipe the blood from his mouth....I wasn't about to try and stick an ice cube in his mouth. So she suggested an Otter Pop. Remember those?? Those wonderful frozen little treats that we used to endlessly suck on during those hot summer days! GENIUS!

Yeah, OK, they have tons of sugar and really aren't the most nutritious snack for a one year old....but they sure did the trick!! He let me hold that thing to his gums until the bleeding stopped. What a great household remedy for a cut gum or lip! LOVE IT! But then i ended up with yet another problem....the screaming protest when i took it away. Oh well! I guess I'd rather have a little screaming fight....than a crazy bloody screaming fight. GO OTTER POPS!!

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