Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1st Sunburn

WEB attended his first major league baseball game on Sunday. We went to see the Twins play the Angels. The game started at noon so we knew it was going to be hot and we were probably going to be sitting in the sun either the whole time or a majority of the time. WEB and I quickly made friends with the usher near our seats and he said that we could move to the section above ours in the shade. Our whole gang quickly moved and we were all very grateful to be out of the direct sun.

I was very very liberal with my sunscreen application on WEB. I know how sensitive I am to the sun - I can be in the sun for 10 minutes with no sunscreen and burn to a crisp. I also made sure he was wearing a floppy hat the whole time to protect his peach fuzz covered noggin and his whiter than white face.

Once we got home, I realized that in the hub-bub of trying to take care of my kid, I forgot to put sunscreen on myself. I figured we were in the shade the whole time, I should be ok. WRONG! My shoulders, chest, and knees are burnt to a crisp. My face was perfectly protected thanks to my tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 though, thank goodness!

Then, while putting WEB to bed for the night - he was utterly exhausted from being outside all the day, which he loves - I noticed some redness under his eyes and a little on his cheeks. Ugh, my heart broke. I felt like such a bad mom. I know how sensitive I am so I should know better to put sunscreen on him non-stop all over regardless of whether he's covered with a hat. I was so upset with myself. Hubby was so nice and just said how this is a learning experience and now we know, but I just kept saying that I already know...I should've done better. After a little emo moment and some tears I realized that he's fine. My little guy didn't seem to be affected at all by his little rosy cheeks. There was no pain or discomfort showing on his end, so I guess that's more important. I know that there will be many more sunburns in his future, especially as he gets older and is in charge of his own sunscreen application, but I want to protect him from burns as long as possible since he's just so dang translucent thanks to me...

So from now on, the baby gets sunscreen applied and then so do I, no matter what. The whole thing only takes a few minutes and it's worth a few minutes of application vs. days of being uncomfortable and in pain later!

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  1. Poor Webby-kins! He looks peaceful though. I've been lucky that little H-man has not gotten sunburnt yet, cross my fingers knock on wood!


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