Thursday, July 30, 2009

Major Summer Clearance Alert

So you all know that Target is like mine and Heather's Mecca right? Seriously, I'm going to do a post someday about how you can live at target and be perfectly happy. Anyway, They are having a SUPER summer clearance right now on literally ALL their toys! I'm not kidding, the signs say 30% off but some are 70-80%. There were 3 whole aisles of clearance at my store. I bought birthday presents....AND some christmas stuff for 3 kids....all for $40! Run....seriously RUN....out to Target right now and get some. There are crazy deals!

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  1. SWEET! WEB got a gift card to Target for his 4 month birthday from his Gma and Papa to buy a new toy. Might be able to get a few toys! WOOT! I think we'll be stopping by tomorrow. We need paper products I love thee...



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