Friday, July 31, 2009

The art of Poop Culture...

Never did I think that I would be so obsessed with a person's poop. But isn't it the truth that when you get together with other moms now, you talk about your babies poops, the colors (oh the rainbow!!), the consistency, the frequency, or the lack there of (watch out...that just means an explosion is coming later on). Well, I think I really don't need to say that poop is a very UN-fabulous subject that us moms tend to talk about all the time.

So, upon my perusing the Internet, searching to see if the color and consistency of my babies poop is considered "normal", I came across a funny, yet most fabulous product! It's called Poo-Pourri, and it promises that "With Poo~Pourri in your pocket, never again will your visit to the bathroom embarrass or offend. Whether you are traveling cross-country by plane, sharing a bathroom with coworkers or visiting your fiance's family for the first time - your bowel movements will be your secret. "

How hilarious is this product!!! You supposedly spray this in the toilet before you go and no one is the wiser to your bowel movements! OMG......i about died. I'm still dying. But guess what, no divalicious mommy should be without in my opinion! Seriously! What's more damaging to a diva then the embarrassment of a smelly bathroom experience. Takes you down a couple notches I'm sure! They even have an organic line for all you Eco conscious mommas out there.

I'm going to purchase this product and test it out and let you all know what the result is. I may, in fact, buy for Sonny to use at home. Oh, and they have a whole line of gifts and accessories... the website is Hilarious, outrageous, disgusting, and totally fab.

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