Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fave : Burp Cloths & Receiving Blankets

We cannot survive a day without some good burp cloths in our household. There isn't a large array of burp cloths to choose from out there, but you need to stock up on the Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths. These are the best. They are large, which is ideal in most spit-up-of-mass-quantities situations. I think we only got one pack of these burp cloths for our shower. The rest were small narrow rectangular thin cloths that were basically just large wash cloths - some of which we bought before WEB was born and before we knew better. These did not help in the event of a waterfall of spit up which consisted of the entire contents of a feeding. The Gerber burp cloths are thick and absorbent, so in the event of a waterfall attach, it will usually catch it all because they are so long and wide.

WEB is a tall kid. From the get-go, he was 20.5" long, and now at 4 months he is 25.5" long. The typical receiving blankets that are 30" x 30" do us no good. The Carter's Wrap-Me-Up Receiving Blankets are the way to go. They are 30" x 40", so they give you ample room to wrap a baby up like a burrito with less chances of them wiggling out of it. They have tons of cute colors and patterns for both boys and girls and some gender neutrals as well. We use these like crazy. Not only do we use them to wrap WEB up to go to sleep, but he also likes to be tucked into his car seat, so we use them for that as well. We didn't get any receiving blankets whatsoever at our baby shower. When we did our last run through Babies R Us before WEB was born, I picked up a pack of these, along with a couple of the 30"squares of another brand. Needless to say, the smaller ones got hardly any use. They're more for tucking WEB into his car seat than wrapping him up to go to bed.

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