Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fave: Robeez shoes

H-dawg took his first big steps yesterday!! WOOT WOOT!!! For the past week or so he's been step-step-bang-ing and yesterday he made it all the way across his play area! That's about 15 or so steps! yay!! So i have to give a wassup to the Robeez shoe this Friday. My sister in law recommended them to me because they have these great soft soles, yet still look like sneakers. So comfy, yet stylish. Just how we like it! And they have all kinds of great styles, including sandals, loafers, and some dress shoes. They are great for babies growing feet, being soft and flexible, and the soles on the "Mini Shoez" line are a little bit tougher so they can stand up to the babes treading outdoors. Seriously, these are must haves for the little studs and mini-divas in your life. Super cute!

You can see H's little shoes in the pic as he's crawling around the Discovery Museum. They are blue and gray sneaks with a snazzy orange stripe going down the length. He's so hip....

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