Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mom money...

So everyone is in the loop about the state of our economy, right? Right? If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you must have wads of disposable income and I salute you and your this season's IT move on.

Anyway, so for the rest of us unfortunate souls, we know that when we have a little cash to spend, it's a VERY important and almost mind bending decision on what to spend it on. A night out? A new outfit? Save for a rainy day? What?

Every couple weeks I take out a little bit of cash to have in my "mom" money. My little bit of a payday, I guess, for all my hard efforts to raise an upstanding human being (preessssure) and every couple weeks i am forced to decide what to spend it on. And do you know where it goes 99% of the time. You'll never guess....COFFEE!!! yup, truth be told, i am a coffee junkie. an addict. you know crack houses? I have Starbucks. My dealer? Dunkin Donuts drive thru (sorry for all you Westies that don't have the's a beautiful thing). Why does all my hard earned money go to those wonderful Grande Soy Milk Green Tea Lattes or the delectable Med. Coconut Ice Coffee's (cream and sugar...only way to have it)? I have a perfectly good coffee machine at home, which i use, every morning. But for some reason...that coffee made by my local barista is just my little piece of Heaven on Earth when I go on an outing.
SO, while out at the mall today to go shopping (well...cruising....not really SHOPPING....cha-ching no have, remember?)....I had to stop at Starbucks. What? Shopping (cruising) with no coffee? Why do you think I got this stroller with the cup holders? I open my wallet and find two, yes TWO, measly little dollars. Change purse? Quarters? Nickel, dime, 3 can't get anything at the Bucks for Two Dollars and 18 cents!(is that why its called the bucks?) I'm going on a wonderful weekend to NY in 2 weeks so I had to bank the rest of my mom money for that....but i was SURE i left myself enough for a little coffee treat!!!

Scanning the menu for something, anything, wonderful to drink and to feed my little addiction....i see it...tall (TALL?) iced coffee (WHAT? so boring)....$2.00. Ugh....i order it, praying my measly 18 cents will cover the tax. 14 cents? done. Now i'm wandering through the mall...cursing my NY trip for taking my mom money. But as I shop (cruise) I sip....I head into BEBE. WHAT!!! 65% off already marked down prices!! Second weakness, cute clothes at GREAT prices. I reluctantly peruse the rack, cursing again, and walk out with nothing but my sad little iced coffee in hand.

But guess sad as I am to leave the store empty handed and as the caffeine runs its way through my veins, i realize that...despite some of the things I had to give up today....I'm happy. I'm happy about my banking of the money for my NY trip with my gal pals, I'm happy I didn't give in and buy something AMAZING at BEBE (there are amazing things there ladies), and I'm glad that even though it's not my Grande Soy Green Tea Latte, I still got SOME little treat. I only have a little bit of money to work with....and It's the decisions on what to do with it that make it hard. But in the was all good. I have money to spend in NY (for more coffee!!), I didn't buy something that i really don't need and is probably not baby proof anyway (or coffee spill proof!!) and I still got that little jolt that I adore so much (I LOVE COFFEE!!!!!!)

Side note: Seriously....65% off clearance prices. And it's not junk....there were some really cute things there.....If you've got some mom money and you're not inclined to spend it on coffee....seriously some cute stuff...

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