Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fave : Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer

One of the benefits of being at home is that you get to watch the morning news shows. I am a fan of Good Day LA on Fox in the morning. They are crazy and annoying at times but I still watch regardless. Well, from time to time, they have this lady on there who is a little nutso (her name escapes me at the moment, she was on Ellen too...blonde, probably in her 40s...), but she always has these celebrity beauty secrets to share. She had a table full of different things that are great for summer, from skin care to hair care to hydration. Well, one thing that seemed genius to me was this new tinted moisturizer.

I am all about things that have multiple purposes. Aveeno's Tinted Moisturizer has SPF 30 in it. I am fair skinned and burn easily, so this is great for me. It's also nice that it's a higher SPF. Most moisturizers are around SPF 15, and then maybe SPF 10 or 15 in a normal foundation too. This is 30, period. I also have sensitive skin, but this tinted moisturizer is nice and mellow because it's soy based. And finally, the tint in it actually has some coverage too, so it helps even out skin tone and cover some smaller blemishes. Once in a while I need a little extra help with those dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep, but for the most part, this does the trick.

This makes my 5 minute face regimen go that much faster! Yay for multi-purpose!

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  1. I think I'll be trying this next!! My tinted moisturizer is Physicians Formula Organic something....and it kinda makes my face smell like foliage. Thanks for the tippy Heather-kins!



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